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Walk of Faith pavers

Walk of Faith.png

The Walk of Faith in front of the Saron building has been a place for people of Saron and from the surrounding community to honor and recognize special events and/or people, such as wedding dates, baptisms, births, deaths, a special honor, a milestone or an important anniversary. The walkway offers a unique opportunity to leave a permanent legacy in the community while supporting the ongoing capital expenditures of Saron Lutheran church.

4x8 pavers are $100
8x8 pavers are $200

If you are considering remembering or honoring someone or something by purchasing a paver and participating in this tax-deductible program, o
rder forms can be found in the office or HERE.

Questions? Call 763-263-2209 or email

The deadline for inclusion in the dedication on November 5 is

September 29.

Walk of Faith Pavers.jpg
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