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Summer Prep

summer bible"Are You Sure You're Ready for Summer?  You're ready for a break, but most summer's end up being anything BUT!  You need Summer Prep -- 4 Monday evenings to get you ready for the best summer EVER!  A "small group" study Mondays, April 13 through May 4, 6:45 p.m. Contact Mary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more info.

Time to register for Bible Camp at Camp Shamineau!

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Believe it or not it is time to start thinking about summer already, maybe we will be able to mentally block the snow and cold if we think summer!


Camp Shamineau is located in Motley MN and has a lot to offer both students and families.


The family camps are a chance to get away for a fun and relaxing family experience. Programming emphasizes growth in relationships between family members and encourages them in their walk with Christ. Be challenged and refreshed by gifted speakers, worship times and fellowship. This is a great time for families to make memories together, share quality time with each other and be challenged by the Word of God.


There are MANY options for kids of all ages offered that feature a wide variety of activities from rock climbing, horseback riding, zip lines to fun on the lake!

Camp dates are available for these age groups as well as families:


Tenderfoot grades 1-2
2 or 3 days
$198 or $154

Trailblazer grades 3-5
5 days

Voyager grades 6-8
5 days


Specialty camps such as horse camp are also available!

We have the camp schedule already, copies are available on the counter under the bulletin board int he Narthex or by visiting Camp Shamineau's website by following this link!


There are a couple important dates you must know if considering going to camp this summer.


If you are interested in going and would like to do fundraising, order form for Butter Braids will be available this weekend, the details are as follows:


The orders will be due to Jess Stromgren by 3/25.


This way families will know how much they get towards camp and can hit the April 1st early bird $20 discount.


Delivery will be in 4/15.

We will set up pick up for that evening as well.


Basic information about fundraising


The butter braids are $12 each, the kids will get $4.80 towards camp for each Butter Braid sold.


There will be a box set available this year for $48 containing the top 3 flavors as well as a Bavarian cream (only available in the box set) and a FREE package of cookie dough. The kids get $19.20 for each box set sold.


Questions can be directed to Jess at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blessings Bears Is Back April 18th!

Sign up available now in the Narthex for Blessings Bears on Saturday April 18th at 10:00 a.m.


Volunteers are needed to help! Both people with sewing machines and those without!

Please note that we would like to pre-cut the clothing articles before we gather, so please conatct This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a time to drop off your items.  We are sorry but knits such as T-Shirts, spandex, sweatshirts or sweaters are not good articles to use for this project.



Blessings Bears flyer april 2015

Children's Ministry Journey Bags Mission Project

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Last year the students of the Children's Ministry voted and selected a local mission project, Journey Bags for the Forgotten Initiative and the response was AMAZING! We collected enough items for 27 bags!  The largest response they have ever received from a single source, way to go SARON!!

Students will again this year be collecting items for this mission beginning in March!  Journey Bags are backpacks filled with basic items for children entering the foster care system who may arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs, or anything to call their own in a time of need.

 These bags will go directly into the hands of foster children, and represent the extension of God’s love to these kids and support to the families that serve in foster care!

You can help by donating supplies such as back packs, pajamas, stuffed animals, books, children's shampoo, toothbrushes, etc., or even fill a backpack with your family.

The students of Kingdom Keepers will have tables set up in the Narthex through April 12th to collect donations and answer any questions you may have about this mission project.

This is a great opportunity to connect with a great need in our community, and a great way to involve students and families with giving in our community!  

A Sign with Two Meanings

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A Sign with Two Meanings

Ashes.  Ash Wednesday.  A ritual that seems almost primitive – certainly ancient.  Ashes smudged on a forehead, in the shape of a cross.  A tribal marking as if going into battle or dancing around a fire.  It reminds us our bodies will one day decay and turn to dust, that we are mortal, that life is short, that we had better get our acts together and our lives in line.  That we need to get right with God.  It is an important sign.


A young man full of life and dreams knew loss at an early age as his dad was pulled into alcohol and, even when sober, rarely available for a kid that longed for a sign of acceptance and love.  Before the young man was eight his father passed away.  His mother had always been there for him through it all and he clung to that.  One of their favorite things was to do the sign language for “I love you.”  His mom would do it with her left hand and he with his right and they’d put their hands together.  But after his dad died he grew restless and he grew tired of signs and threw himself into sports, “working hard and playing harder.”  Soon he was rarely home.  Each time he left in the morning, however, his mom would open the front door to wave and sign “I love you”.  Once in a while he would look up and see it.


He left home, got a good job, married had a child and lived non-stop.  He was a leader – the kind that you either ran with, or you were left behind or run over.  His daughter was in preschool and learned to sign “I love you”.  When she proudly showed it to him it was like a slap in the face.  He yelled at her that she didn’t need to know sign language, that she should be learning numbers and words.  To him that was a sign of loss and pain and he didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  He withdrew more from his wife and daughter, spending more time away with work and with friends.


His wife and daughter left him.  He didn’t even put up a fight.  One night coming home late from work to an empty house he was sitting at his computer just trying to escape the emptiness but the walls seemed to close in on him.  It was hard to breathe.  He surfed the internet trying to get his mind off it when an image caught his eye.  It was an ad, just a stupid religious ad – a cartoon of Jesus.  What really grabbed is attention was that Jesus was holding up his hand in sign language for “I love you.”


He cried out to God, railed, screamed, sobbed, slumped over, surrendered…and he suddenly could breathe again and felt a warmth he had never felt before and a full heart and hot tears.  He sought out his wife and daughter.  The reunion was slow and shaky but he persisted and they reunited with a renewal of vows.


Ashes are not just a sign of our mortality and our sin, but are in the form of a cross to remind us of love – a love that spared nothing for us.  A love that is life and that we live in.  Ashes in the form of a cross are the sign that God has made things right through the suffering and death of Jesus Christ on the cross.  These ashes say, “You are alive in me!” and “I LOVE YOU!”

New Small Group Study for Women series starting on March 16th!


When you hear that "still small voice" are you certain it's the Holy Spirit? We all want to hear Him speak, realize the Way He Speaks, recognize the sound of His voice, remember what He wants to accomplish, and ready yourself for even more.


Discover the treasure of recognizing how God keeps in touch with his beloved people and watch as He communicates with you. This Bible study is designed to help participants know the voice of God: His language, character, and tone of voice. By growing closer to God through His Word, participants will be able to discern God's voice from the voice of strangers.


Discerning the Voice of God: How to Recognize When God Is Speaking by Priscilla Shirer is our next book, join us Monday mornings from 9:30a - 11:00a!


Contact Molly to sign up! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Volunteer child care is available upon request!


Snacks for Schools

snacks4kidsSaron is collecting snack items throughout the school year to distribute to the students in need at the Big Lake Elementary Schools.  Ideas include granola, cereal or fruit bars, juice boxes, crackers, fruit or applesauce cups, etc.  Place donations in the marked container in the Saron entry way.  Thank you for your support!

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