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Children, Youth and Family News

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We have had a busy fall in the Children, Youth and Family ministries!

Steady rain did not stop over 1,200 people from coming out for Trunk or Treat or the 21 volunteers that decorated their trunks! WOW! What a demonstration of the love Saronites have for this community, thank you! Many people commented that they were so thankful that Saron provides a safe place to bring their families during Halloween! We gave away roughly 25,000 pieces of candy, 500 cupcakes and cookies packaged by a fine group of ladies, and served hundreds of hot dogs grilled by Dale and Sara Asplund, with the assistance of Kirby of course! Most of those items also came from you, the people of Saron! What an outpouring, thank you! Special thanks to Britta Mattison and Amy Trulock for coordinating Trunk or Treat this year, as well as those volunteers that helped set up, greet and serve.

The youth had their fall retreat at Camp Shamineau in Motley and it was amazing! We worshiped together with hundreds of other students, studied the Bible, participated in team building activities, played team sports, went horseback riding, played paintball, went rock climbing, zip-lining, braved the high ropes courses and much more! Not only did the students and leaders grow closer to each other, but with God as well! As one student leader put it in a Facebook post…

“This weekend I got to experience growing closer to God. One of the best weekends I've had in my whole life, not only because I personally grew closer with the Lord, but being a student leader I got to witness the students also growing closer with the Lord! I highly recommend taking a trip to Camp Shamineau!”


Parents were extremely grateful for this opportunity for their students and particularly that we were able to keep the cost very reasonable, thanks to our fundraising. For that, we are extremely grateful and blessed by the people of Saron. Your support through volunteering and donating items for the Sale of Stuff allows us to offer these opportunities and experiences to all the students, as we equip them to be ministers in their everyday life! I would also like to acknowledge that this trip would not have been possible without the large number of adult leaders that volunteered to chaperone this trip and our bus driver who went above and beyond to make sure we all got there and home safely. It allowed us to take almost all of the students wishing to join us! THANK YOU!

The Sunday School children worked on their first local mission project of the year and tied 85 fleece blankets in one day for the residents of the Monticello Care Center. And we still have fleece being donated! Again, this is something that is not possible without your generous support in donating fleece, time to prep them for assembly and assisting the children on the day of assembly! Students will deliver blan-kets on Sunday December 11th.

In December the Children will be performing their Christmas Program, The Unexpected Christmas, on Saturday December 17th at 4:30, and Sunday the 18th at 10:30. We are once again blessed to have Alexander Prom and Kathy Hase directing. It is going to be awesome! Please join us for one of the performances; you won’t want to miss this one!

December will bring instruction on the Apostles Creed and class project planning for the youth. Please remind your students to bring their Bible to class each night. If they do not have one please let me, or their class leaders know. In addition, with the Apostles Creed instruction they will receive a Small Catechism, which should also be brought to class with them each night!

You Are Part of a Movement

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You Are Part of a Movement.

And movements, well… move.  Forward… mostly.

In 1 Peter 1:10-12 Peter writes, “Concerning this salvation, the prophets [before Jesus], who spoke of the grace that was to come to you, searched intently and with the greatest care, trying to find out the time and circumstances [of when the Messiah would come].  It was revealed to them that they were not serving themselves but you…”


Do you like swing sets or a rope swing?  I thoroughly enjoy them.  It is always a “freeing” activity and, not TOO many years ago, a challenge to see how high I could go or (as I let go and the swing launched me) how much “hang time” I could get before meeting the ground.  To swing, after you’ve gotten started, going forward you lean back with your legs straight out in front of you while pushing forward on the chains or ropes.  For a moment the air rushes past but then slows and when you go as far as you can you suddenly tuck your legs under, throw your head forward and push back on the ropes.  When you get to the other end you reverse it, suddenly kicking your legs straight out, head back and pushing forward on the ropes.  It is that shift and push on the ropes or chains at each end that creates a lift and additional energy to propel you higher and higher.  Backward, forward… both help to get us in the air!


The same is true for us as the people of Saron.  Although forward is where our focus needs to be most of the time, there are instances where backward is appropriate.  Well, now is that time, because on January 25 the people of Saron will turn 125.


125?  How time flies!  (And you don’t look a day over… 110?)  There is so much to celebrate!  So many people (many of you!) have given time, energy and resources to further the work of Christ over these years.  Personally, it’s an amazing honor to hear and read about Saron’s history and to know that I am participating in and experiencing a small portion of it.  And all of it happened because of God’s faithfulness.  None of this is pride-worthy.  But all of it is praise-worthy!  Give God the glory!  Watch for celebrations ahead!  We will be involving a lot of people in the next year to do it right.


At the 75th Anniversary the Interim Pastor Andrew Cornell told the congregation that in reality the start of Saron was not 75 years ago, but 2,000 years ago with the beginning of the Christian faith, and is a part of the “continuing church”.  And from the book for the 100th Anniversary of Saron Pastor Oltmanns is quoted as saying, ‘‘The highlights of Saron, as I see them, are first of all Christ and people’s response to him.”


Well put.  Those are the highlights and, in fact, that is everything.  And Saron has been a part of that.  It’s God’s movement.  And you can see it so clearly in Saron’s history.  We will not cease to move, to pump backward and forward, because in so doing we are serving an amazing God and also serving those who are to come.


Fall 2016 Youth Retreat Video



Click here to view the slideshow on our Private Youtube channel.

November Newsletter

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Attached you will find the November issue of the Saron Newsletter.

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Fall Faith Formation Class Registration Available Online!

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Registration for Confirmation, Pre-confirmation and Sunday School is open  Links will be posted on the Saron website at and the Facebook pages for each.

Confirmation and Pre-Confirmation will begin Wednesday September 14th.  Until then SAVE THE DATE for the youth Fall Retreat, November 4th-6th.

  Sunday School classes for ages 3 (must be toilet trained) through 5th grade begins Sunday September 18th at 10:30 during the second service.

There will be a new database and check-in system in use for both Sunday school

and Wednesday evenings so you may have an extra step or two to set up your account. With this change comes a new integrated database, the ability to choose your volunteer preferences and receive reminder emails before your selected event AND ONLINE


Registration links are available online at or in person by stopping in the church office.  Scholarships are available, if needed please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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